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DMV Chapter


Tina Roberts, Founder

Mrs.Tina B. Roberts is a native of Hampton, SC. Tina is the 7th child of 9 siblings from her loving parents Eddie and Mary Brown. As a child, Tina’s father always referred to her as his lucky #7. Over the years as Tina evolved into the No Ordinary Woman that she is today; she learned her “Luck” was simply ordained as God's Favor. Upon graduating from high school in Atlanta GA in 1991; Tina relocated to Virginia where she married her husband of 27 years, Shedrick Roberts. She is a mother to three handsome sons. While serving as a military family unit, Tina obtained employment with the Department of the Navy in 1998. Tina graduated from Saint Leo University

with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems. Tina is currently an Information Technology Certified Software Asset Manager at a Naval  Command in Virginia Beach, VA.  Tina has acquired numerous IT Certifications in her career for the past 25 years with the Exchange System. Tina is the Co-Founder of No Ordinary Woman Empowerment Group in Suffolk, VA (2015). Tina is also the President and Director of the Board for No Ordinary Woman 2.0 Foundation 501c3 Nonprofit Organization (2017). Tina's divine purpose is the life-giving community impact that she is making in this world. 

"Favor isn't Fair but It's Mine" - Tina B. Roberts

I AM NOW Organization, LLC is the third entity of the No Ordinary Woman and No Ordinary Woman 2.0 Foundation brand. The No Ordinary Woman family are standalone entities with separate operations but we are an organization sisterhood. I AM NOW Organization was founded in 2021 because Mrs. Roberts answered the call of the ordinary woman having a desire to L.I.V.E (Leadership, Integrity, Vision and Empathy) which are our core values. Birthed out of a passion to empower ordinary women, I AM NOW Organization, LLC is a member based women empowerment organization. Our foundation is built on the prayers, faith, and ordained purpose of our founder/president Mrs. Tina Brown Roberts.  We are committed to being an authentic sisterhood of ordinary women who are unapologetically a force of change and the standard of being my sister’s keeper.


Zanetta DeVane

Zanetta DeVane is the Vice-President of IAMNOW Organization, LLC – DMV and one of the six founders / board members of No Ordinary Woman 2.0 Foundation.  Currently, she resides in Virginia with her beautiful family. She has worked for the government for over 29 years, as well as a commissioned Notary Public for 10 years and was a licensed cosmetologist for 6 years.  Zanetta graduated from the historical I.C. Norcom High school in 1990 and has A.A.S in Criminal Justice Technology from ECPI University. 

After the death of her mother in 2000, her passion to write became her healing therapy which catapulted her desire to be an encouraging force to

others. Through her healing journey, Visionfyah blog was birthed. Her vision statement is to be a light in the darkness for the broken, hurting, lonely, and to be a voice for those who cannot be heard.


Christine Simons

Christine Dienna Simons has been employed at Cox Communications for 19.5 yrs. Her current role is a Revenue Analyst whose work is focused on calculating margins, reviewing contracts, and assuring Cox remains the most trusted provider in communication services. She is also the owner of DiennaJ, LLC operating as CNC Beau-tees which provides custom rhinestones, screen print and vinyl shirts and accessories for all occasions. 
She’s a graduate of the great I.C. Norcom High school. Graduate of ITT Technical and Tidewater Community College with a BA in Manufacturing Technology and AA in Accounting. 
Her recent goal is to constantly grow CNC Beau-tees to be a 1 stop shop

bringing your visions to life in the most colorful and eye-catching way by learning new technologies and processes to print designs on materials in the most efficient way.   

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